Dynasty of Legends Shoot

ALMERE – Jong bedrijf Dynasty of Legends heeft in 2018 een kinder kleding merk gestart en zijn nu uitgebreid tot kleding voor iedereen. Zij hielden een photoshoot om hun laatste kleding stukken te laten zien. Hier hebben ze natuurlijk opnames gemaakt behind the scenes en stuurde hun content op voor een BITMOTION style edit. En die is hierboven te zien. Klik hier voor hun webshop om kleding te kopen.


DYNASTY OF LEGENDS was started by a father amazed by the new level of love, excitement and joy that was born in to their lives, his first-born son. Even do my son slept 70% of the day and I had little part in the feeding the little guy in the first months I could not shake the feeling that the kid was going to be legendary and I wanted to be home and play with him as much as I could. As he grows our love for him grows even stronger.
Obviously, I’m not the only parent that feels this way. I know for a fact that my wife feels the same way and even claims to love him more, as probably all parents would say. So, you might already guess that this had an impact on the name of the brand. As time passed I started to get bored with the standard “cute” clothing that was out there and started designing my own to give our son a unique and cool appearance that was more fashionable and comfortable.
Long story short, Dynasty of Legends is a brand that wants to add a little brightness to an already amazing experience of being a parent and provide kids with a fresh and cool look while enabling kids to comfortably discover the world they are born in to.
Our mission is to combine comfort, design, creativity and a playful look with a story to inspire kids to discover and develop in to their own level of greatness. We hope to grow as a brand to also help less fortunate kids to get the same opportunities as other kids and help them develop to the best of their capabilities. In our eyes, all kids are future legends.
Each design has a story that describes a LEGEND, a karakter with abilities to inspire our kids for greateness. Lets see how the stories develop…
– van Dynasty of Legends hun facebook.